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Dees Pecan Company has been family owned and operated since 1925.  Dewitt and Myrtle Dees opened their business in Grand Bay, Alabama with the goal of providing their customers with top-quality pecans and excellent customer service.  They began as a small town mom & pop store and expanded their shipping department to include all 50 states.  Dewitt & Myrtle never met a stranger and it was this character trait that established their customer base and kept them coming back for generations.  In the off-season, they supplemented their business with fresh produce and nursery stock, which of course included local varieties of pecan trees.  In the mid 1980’s, Dewitt & Myrtle turned the business over to their daughter Marylyn.  Sadly, Dewitt passed away in January 1986 and Myrtle followed 6 months later.
Marylyn and her husband, Leslie Hatchett, continued the family business on a seasonal basis.  Leslie planted, cultivated and harvested the pecan crop and ran the wholesale operation while Marylyn ran the retail store.  Pecans were sold fresh from the farm from Oct.-Jan.  When the pecans sold out, they closed until the next season.  In the off-season, Leslie and his sons Mark & Kent, farmed 2,000 acres of soybeans and corn.  They also managed a large cattle operation year-round.  In 2001, Marylyn & Leslie turned the business over to their son Mark Hatchett.
Mark and his wife Kim remodeled the store and expanded the product line to include pecan candies, pies, gourmet items and their unique Southern Pecan Coffee.  Mark and Kim continued the seasonal operation and expanded further to include individual and corporate gift tins and gourmet gift baskets.  In 2010, they introduced the Dees Pecan Company website and decided to stay open year-round.
Over the years, Dees Pecan Company has made many changes but our commitment to selling top-quality pecans with excellent customer service remains the same.  We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued loyalty and we hope you enjoy the convenience of our website.  If you are ever down in South Alabama, stop by and visit our store.  We’d like to meet you in person and welcome you to Dees Pecan Company!