Baker Emulsion Flavors

$ 8.25

Professional Strength Flavorings:

  • Butter Pecan: A rich and creamy flavor combining the nuttiness of pecans with the smoothness of butter, creating a decadent and indulgent taste experience.

  • Jamaican Rum: A tropical and spirited flavor infused with the essence of Jamaican rum, offering a hint of sweetness and a warm, aromatic undertone reminiscent of Caribbean cocktails.

  • Natural Lemon: A bright and refreshing citrus flavor that captures the zesty essence of fresh lemons, delivering a tangy yet subtly sweet taste profile.

  • Salted Caramel: A sweet and savory flavor combination that melds the richness of caramel with a hint of salt, creating a balanced and irresistible treat.

  • Vanilla: A classic and comforting flavor featuring the smooth and aromatic essence of vanilla beans, adding a creamy and slightly sweet undertone to any dessert or treat.